The interrupted anecdote

I was on a train in London with mother, nan and grandad. The train we were on wasn’t going to London Euston, so we had to get off and get the tube. Rather than try and get tickets from the self service machine, I went to the counter. He woman printed out the tickets and asked me to put my details in using a tablet. I had to put in my home address, phone numbers and loads of other details. But when I tried saved it, it crashed. Eventually I paid using a self service machine.

We got on the tube and got off at Euston. I left the others there and went upstairs to meet Goodwin to go to a parade.

At this point, the dream changed and I was in the office at work. My boss, Dave, and I were cleaning out some boxes. I took a big box into Laura and said “I got you a present.”

I gave the box to her and she looked really excited, so I felt bad that it was just an empty box. Luckily, I put my hand in and pulled out some old photos. Some were of Max with the family and some were old photos from Laura’s family, so she was happy with them.

I was then at home with my family and Max’s other nan and aunt. I started to tell an anecdote about Max, but the phone rang and mother answered it, drowning me out. When she’d finished, I tried again, but Sue (my Brother’s girlfriend’s mother) started talking about something.

I finally tried once more and mother said “Oh, look what the dog’s doing.” So I went mad and screamed “Moooooom!!!”

Everyone stopped silent and I told the anecdote, which was this:

Max was looking through some photos and found one with and his friend. He asked me who it was, so I just started listing random names and he said “Yes, Fred. Fred is my best friend.”

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