The interviews and the BatBen

Had a dream last night that Mike and I were at an event somewhere out of town. It was like a cross between a comic con and a market, with stalls outside selling food and merchandise. We were going filming interviews with Doctor Who fans (as we had been doing the weekend in real life) and at one point a woman on a stall selling food recognised me.

While Mike and I were filming an interview, a young couple stood watching us. The girl said to her partner, “That’s it you’re not going outside.” He replied “That’s okay I don’t like anyone outside.” This was apparently a joke I’d made up earlier that they stole.

The girl managed to sneak a trailer for her film onto my computer and it later ended up in the finished video.

We carried on walking around and came across a kid dressed as the Fifth Doctor. I asked if he wanted to do an interview and he said no. I wasn’t too fussed, as the event was over soon. I called my mother up and explained that since it’d take two hours to get home, I might as well just stay there overnight.

There was also another bit in the dream where I was at school dressed as a really low budget Batman – just the mask and cape – and running around my old secondary school hiding in corridors and jumping about. It was fun.

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