The Melting Yorkshire Puddings

Had a dream last night that was nice because it wasn’t anything crazy, it was just with my family and friends.

In the dream, Laura came to mine for tea. Lee, Nan, Grandad and Mike were there too, all helping out preparing the food. At one point they were talking about me and I came in and said “I do.” – as in admitting I do do the thing they were on about.

I joined in helping prepare the food and Grandad started telling Laura some stories, which she was very interested in. Nan was making peas by hand while Lee was making Yorkshire puddings. However, his Yorkshires all melted on the pan and burnt the pan. Mother got angry and told him to leave the kitchen, so he just left his Yorkshires, which were now on fire. I took them outside to dispose of them and mother told me not to put them on the plastic bin or it’ll melt that.

We finished the dinner and all ate in the living room. I was going on holiday with Grandad and Laura the next day, so we were talking about that. I wanted to get a photo of us all while we were there, so I set the camera up and took a photo. However, when I looked at the photo I noticed that my colleague, Sam, was in it. He had decided he was coming on holiday with us.

We left for the airport and Sam (Lee’s girlfriend, not the colleague) drove us. My nephew, Max was in the car as well. I was tickling his feet and he was laughing (which he hasn’t learnt to do in real life yet).

When we got to the airport, I saw Goodwin in a blue and white pinstripe suit talking to his friend Kristian. He had this big hat on and a cane, so he looked a bit like an 80s pimp. I pointed him out to Laura and Grandad so that I could introduce him, but when we went up to him it turned out to be a random Jamaican man.

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