The Mind of a Creative Thinker

I was looking after a house for some friends. It was a big house with lots of rooms and looked quite up market. I think some other people were there with me, but they’d all gone to bed. I didn’t have a bed so I settled on the stairs before moving to the sofa.

Later on, I got up and went into the kitchen to get a drink. Alistair – a designer from work who was recently fired for coming in drunk in real life – came in. He was drunk and kept trying to talk to me. I kept trying to send him out, but he persisted, saying things like “Someone has tried to become famous and it didn’t work, so it’s just the three of us now.”

My colleague Matt, who was in the room next to the kitchen, shouted for Alistair to leave me alone. Eventually I managed to get Alistair to leave, but he wandered into the other room to talk to Matt. He started telling him what he told me, but Matt interrupted him and said “Yeah, I heard, now go to sleep.”

I woke up. Then I went back to sleep.

I dreamt telling Dave and Matt about the dream I’d just had and then then the next day (in the dream) I went into work as usual, but Alistair was there again throughout.

At lunch I bought a book from the toilet called ‘The Mind of a Creative Thinker’ and Dave and I discussed a website we’d been working on for a client. He showed me an example of a redesign and when I asked who’d done it, he said “who do you think?” and I knew he meant Alistair.

As the day progressed, he was still there. But in the afternoon it seemed as though nobody else could see him. He kept saying things but only I heard him – unless everyone else was just really good at ignoring him.

In the taxi home Alistair was there too, so I asked the taxi driver to describe him so I could find out if other people could see him. But there was a guy sat the other side of Alistair who was dressed similarly and the driver kept describing him. I asked questions specifically about what Alistair was wearing and he couldn’t answer.

When I got home, I broke down in tears and told mother that Alistair was following me and nobody else could see him. I became paranoid it was his ghost and didn’t know what to do.

Then I woke up. And I was pretty shook by the dream.

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