Thoughts on… The Naughty Duck

When I was young, there was one character that frightened me. An animal that scared the willies out of me every time I saw it. Who was this terrifying beast I hear you ask. It was none other than… The Naughty Duck.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of him? I guess I should point out that that’s not his real name. He is in fact Feathers McGraw, the penguin from Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers.

naughty duck

I don’t know why I called it the Naughty Duck. I guess I thought it looked like a duck. When I did refer to it, nobody knew what I was on about. It was only when we went to a live Wallace & Gromit show that it was revealed. Feathers McGraw came on the stage and I screamed and shouted “The naughty duck!” And my whole family simultaneously realised what I’d been on about for months. Even though I now know his name, I still refer to him as the Naughty Duck. The name’s kind of stuck and it’s a bit of a running joke in our family.

I’m not sure why the Naughty Duck scared me so much. If I’m honest, he still does a bit. He’s just so sinister. The fact that he doesn’t talk makes it all the creepier.

When we went to the aforementioned Wallace and Gromit show, I bought a poster to put up in my room. I say I bought it, my mother bought it for me because I wasn’t earning back then. We put the poster up, but I noticed the Naughty Duck was on it, so we covered it up with a picture of Gromit. One night, I was lying in bed looking at the poster thinking ‘that is a nice poster’ when suddenly the Gromit picture fell off and the Naughty Duck appeared. I screamed and mother came and tore the poster up.

So, why am I brining all this up now? Well, while I was in Jersey the other week, we went into a pet shop and I saw a Naughty Duck squeaky dog toy. I immediately bought it for Zeta. So today, we gave it to the dog and I finally got my revenge. I cheered victoriously as Zeta ripped the Naughty Duck apart.


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