The Night Shift

Had a dream last night. It started at work, where Mak was having a meeting with Jobin and an apprentice. From what I understand in the dream, the apprentice was very good, but Mak wanted to hire Jobin, who practically told the apprentice that he’d have to go if he joined the team.

The dream then moved to WH Smith, where a group of us were buying snacks and things for a trip. I bought two magazines, both Doctor Who themed. I was served by a man who gave me a carrier bag for free. Mak pointed out to him that you usually have to pay 1p for them, but the guy didn’t seem to bothered and let me have one. I then went back to buy a chocolate bar – a Milkybar if you’re interested – and was served by a nice old lady. Next to me, a woman was arguing with the man who’d served me earlier about having to pay 5p for a carrier bag. I think he was just giving them away for free to the people he liked and then getting the people he didn’t like to cover the cost.

While we were in the shop, a few of the people working there were playing with remote control cars and other toys from the shop. I discussed with the people I was with, telling them that if I were a mystery shopper, I’d fail them immediately. We couldn’t find a manager, so we went to the newly built floor upstairs. When I say ‘newly built’, I mean it was built during the time we’d been there. I found the manager and told him what I’d seen, but he brushed it off, saying that it was almost time for the ‘night shift’.

We stayed in the shop, waiting in a little booth. The lights went down and we heard music. I left the booth to investigate and saw that the shelves and displays had all been moved and there was now a disco going on, with the manager as the DJ. I got my camera out to take some photos as evidence, but when I zoomed in, I saw that the only other people at the disco weren’t people at all. They were dogs. Three St. Bernards just lying there. I went over and fussed one of the dogs. Then we all left.

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