The Number 90 Bus

Had a dream in which mother and I went to London for a few days. The city had been flooded the day before, but we still went anyway. We stayed in a weird hotel – I can’t remember why it was weird, but it was – and when we got to our room I found out I’d forgotten to pack anything.

We went to a museum on the first day and after that we had a free day. I suggested we go to either Oxford Street or Covent Garden, but mother wanted to go to the zoo instead. We found a bus stop and got the number 90 bus to the zoo. When we got there though, a woman told us it was closed.

We met up with my nan and grandad and went to a supermarket to try and find a charger for my phone. However, the only one I found that connected to the mains was £100. In the end we just went back to the hotel and I charged it by plugging it into my laptop.

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