The Pear Drops

Had a dream last night in which Mike and I were at an indoor market. It was raining outside, so we were killing time. We went to a sweets stall and Mike wanted to buy some pear drops – green sweets that looked like a pea but smaller and a bit lighter. There were two women on the stand. They had a big, clear bag (about the size of a normal supermarket carrier bag) full of them and they got Mike to pour what he wanted into a smaller bag. However, it didn’t go well and a lot of them went over the table. He managed to get about half into the other bag. One of the women asked if he wanted any of the ‘red ones’ and pointed to an identical bag filled with red sweets. Mike said, ‘I think I’ve got my work cut out with these thanks.’

He then had to pay for them. He sat down on a sofa with the two women and said something funny. I can’t remember what it was (I really wish I could because I remember it was funny and made them laugh) but it was basically ‘I’ll pay for these if you let me do something really silly.’

So we paid for the sweets and went outside. I stopped to check my phone and then caught up with Mike, who was walking alongside a big pool with people swimming in it. We went into a house that looked quite European and had little gutters of water built into the floor running through most of the rooms. It was very interesting and there were a lot of tourists around the house. I decided to film it so that I could show mother later on. I started at the grand, carpeted stairs leading down from the front door, walking through the rooms towards a bedroom. On the way I saw mother and nan, so I realised I didn’t need to film it for them. It was a good job really, because my phone ran out of memory.

We sat down at a table and a woman handed us a menu, so we decided to have lunch there. However, we couldn’t find grandad, so I tried calling him but he didn’t pick up. I said I’d go look for him, but then I couldn’t find my phone. I complained, ‘I had it literally a few seconds ago, I called grandad on it.’

I soon found the phone and went outside to look for him. After a while of searching, I spotted him in the distance, wearing a light brown coat and sitting on a bench. I went up to him and saw he was a bit drunk. He was sat with three other men and was offering them each a chicken drumstick from his lunchbox. I took him back to the house and we sat down for lunch.

Then I woke up.

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