The Photography of Michael Goodwin Esquire

Had a dream last night that started with me and Mike going to college. His brother, Jim, was driving us, but he was getting quite angry at the other drivers on the road. Several times he tried to cut them up and was swearing out the window while Mike and his dad yelled at him to calm down.

Eventually we got to college, but the dream kind of skipped anything that happened there. At lunchtime, we went into the town centre where we met Becky – an old friend from school in real life – who I’d apparently planned to meet with. Soon after, we were also joined by an old friend of hers. I took an instant dislike to him, as he was a sort of over-confident, sleazy guy. For example, at one point Becky decided to have a shower in a public shower in the middle of the street (where everyone could see her). While I turned away to give her some privacy, the other guy kept trying to take her towel off her. It was pretty obvious that he fancied her but she didn’t feel the same. I decided to try and put him off by acting crazy. I went up behind him while we were walking and kept saying random things to him like, ‘It’s half the price of a corn flake and twice as malleable!’ and just laughing manically.

On the way back, we had to help him put some wooden pallets back in a van. It was 3:50pm and they had to be in there by 4pm – a bit odd considering it was supposedly lunchtime when we met.

As we walked, Becky walked much slower and we all got separated. I went off to meet my Grandad at a local cinema. I told him that we were supposed to be meeting Goodwin at TGI (as in TGI Friday) so we went off again to meet him there. On our way out, we saw loads of Doctor Who fans queuing up for an event. I first spotted a few people dressed as the Fifth Doctor, then a pair dressed as the Fourth Doctor and finally a few people dressed as the Third Doctor. There was also a bunch of men dressed in Gallifreyan robes and I pointed out that one of their collars was bright pink instead of the proper colour.

We met back up with Becky who asked if any of us wanted an ice cream. I said ‘Yes yes yes yes!’ and then, because I realised I’d said it four times, I joked, ‘That means I want four.’

At the exact same time I said that, Becky said ‘You want four.’

It was apparently an in-joke we had from school days, although we never did in real life. We got our ice creams and then boarded an open-top double decker bus. Goodwin said he was going to write a poem about the day, as he’d recently been learning poetry. He was quite excited about it and I joked, ‘Yeah, it’ll have verses and everything!’

Mike then did his impression of Love Rock and Goodwin told us he was going to start a blog called The Photography of Michael Goodwin Esquire. He’d apparently added the ‘esquire’ because he couldn’t find a shorter available domain name.

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