The River Song Dream

The dream started with River Song investigating an island on a new planet. She was trying to find a weeping angel that held a secret. Though the weeping angels usually zap you back in time when you’re not looking, there were said to be 3 (or 4) that held a secret. She had snuck onto the island and had found a cave-like entrance with some stairs leading down. All was silent, so she called down “Hello, is anybody there?”
She climbed down the stairs but suddenly found herself in an arena, like the Colosseum where the gladiators fought. Suddenly she heard more than a hundred Daleks chanting “Exterminate!”
The man who was running the games came over the tannoy and announced
“Wait! She has to play the game. She will face the other fighter.”
A man came out holding a sword and a gun.
The tannoy continued, “River Song, you have 30 seconds to survive or kill your opponent. After this, we will kill you.”
A klaxon went off to signify the game had started.
“I know what you’re going to do with the first 6 seconds,” the opponent said, “But what about the rest?”
River just smiled. She turned to the entrance and pressed a button on her vortex manipulator. Suddenly she was gone and in a field on another part of the island. It was there she met the 10th Doctor. She did not seem to impressed that it was this incarnation, she was hoping for the 11th. The Doctor asked her what she was playing at and she told him about the weeping angel. He agreed to help find them. River introduced him to a group of people who were also there on the expedition. They set off and the leader said that in order to find them, everyone had to go a different way. However, everyone just followed her up a hill and made the same tracks in the sand.
“This is insane.” said River.
“So let’s be sane!” said the Doctor, and left the party to follow a different path down below. River followed and another member of the group followed. The Doctor pointed out that they should hold onto the wall – and later the railings – in order to not get lost and in case the floor gave way or anything, but he said they should not walk right next to the wall as that’s where the traps would likely be.

As they were walking along, holding onto the railing, a bunch of people came from behind them, also holding onto the railings. They were not part of River’s group. They were going to see the fighting. The Doctor would not move his hands off the rails in order to let them pass, so on of the men got quite violent and started hitting the Doctor. He then pulled out a knife, but before he could do anything with it, River grabbed his hand and twisted it so that he was stabbing his other hand. She and the Doctor – and their follower – carried on.

Eventually they found the 3 weeping angels, but by this time they were under attack from pretty much most of the island. There was apparently a war going on and the island’s leaders thought River the leader of the opposition. The weeping angels did not look scary. They called the Doctor over and he put his hands on an angel’s chest. It started to glow and suddenly produced a blue rock. The Doctor took it and showed it to River. This was what she had been looking for. This was what the island was fighting over. She held it up and announced that she had found it. There was a lot of noise, but then suddenly River and the Doctor disappeared. She had once again used her vortex manipulator to help her and the Doctor escape.

That was the end of the dream.

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