The Roald Dahl Joke

I’m currently in Cardiff and sharing a room with some friends. As I often do when in this situation, I told them last night that I was planning to dream that I was on Roald Dahl Plas and suggested they try and dream about being there too so that we could try and enter each other’s dream. I often do this with Mike, but it’s never worked. One time I did dream I was where I said we’d meet, but Mike had gone off to play golf instead. Anyway, I made a plan to meet my friends last night to see if we could make it work. They didn’t turn up in the dream, but someone else did and it made for one of the best jokes I’ve ever dreamt of.

As I’d planned, my dream took place on Roald Dahl Plas in Cardiff. I was walking around looking for my friends but I didn’t see them. I did, however, bump into Roald Dahl himself. I said to him, “Did you know that this place is named after you?”
And he said, “What, Cardiff?”

I woke up laughing.

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