The Roman prisoner

I went to see a film and it was about a Roman gladiator/soldier who’d been imprisoned. But the film revealed that he did loads of heroic acts and then Pontius Pilate took the credit and told the stories as his own heroic acts. But now the man decided he wanted the glory, so they locked him up

in this dingy prison. He’d turned feral, almost animal like. The guard was teasing him and at one point put his head against the bars as the prisoner licked him.

I somehow got into the film and unlocked the door, letting the prisoner out to maul the guard. But then a white tiger came into the cell and I was trapped. It cut to black and it was pretty scary. But then it turned out that Harley Quinn’s hyenas were in the prison with me and they protected me. We went back outside to watch the film (it was open plan, everyone sitting on the floor) and they kept rolling around and disturbing everyone.

There was also another part to the dream where I was in town and I went to return something at M&S. They told me I had to go upstairs to the customer service desk, so I did. One of the employees was going there too and the cashier joked about us racing and who’d get there first.

I went upstairs and you could get to it either via the home wares section or the women’s lingerie. I naturally took the lingerie route. However, when I got to the other side I must’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up back outside. I forgot all about returning it and then remembered, so I went back in.