The Smug Designer

Had a dream last night where I was at work. There was another designer there, he was quite smug. We were both tasked with writing a review of a Doctor Who episode called Planet of Fire (a real Peter Davison episode from 1984). This was odd because we were both designers, not writers, but we did it nonetheless. I wanted to start mine with an analogy to today’s world, so I put ‘In the dark days of Brexit and…’ but I couldn’t think of another thing to go with it. Rather than move on and come back to it later, I kept thinking about it. I asked my colleague, Lauren, but she couldn’t think of anything either.

The smug designer finished his quickly and ran off inside to show the boss. Meanwhile, I had a load of words (just text floating in mid-air) that I was trying to lay out across the garden to get the structure of my review, but there were trees in the way so it wouldn’t fit. In the end, I remembered I’d already done a review of it, so I handed that in.

The next task was to lace a pair of shoes. I did that quite easily and got a big present for completing the task. I unwrapped it and found it was a Lego airport set. It looked great on the box, but when I opened it, there was just a roundabout and a small plane.

Later in the dream, I was in a hotel with Mike and my old friend Josh. We had lunch at a Wetherspoons in the hotel and we were showing each other our toy collections. Mike had lots of wrestling figures, naturally. I showed a few of mine, including a Pikachu figure, and said, ‘This one I got in a cracker and this one I won in Blackpool.’

I went back to the hotel room to charge my phone and go to the toilet. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Josh was taking some drugs that I called Polymethane. I told him we could no longer be friends if he took it, but he still took it, so I ran down to the reception to tell the manager.

Halfway down the stairs I woke up.

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