The Spanish Owls

Had a dream last night where I was at a school. The usual people were there – Michael, Gush, Goodwin and Simon – as well as some people I knew from school. We were sitting in the common room waiting for others to come, but then I reminded everyone that we did have a lesson to go to, so we all went to Spanish lesson. The teacher was a female, but everyone still referred to her as Gif – a nickname that was given in real life to our Spanish teacher, Mr Gifford.

When we went into the room, a woman started talking to me in fluent Spanish. I couldn’t remember what to say; should it be ‘bonjour’ or ‘bonsoir’. Of course it should be neither, because that’s French. Someone reminded me that the woman was speaking Spanish, so I said “Ah, hola! Me llamo Ben!” This naturally have her the impression I could speak fluent Spanish, so when she started having a conversation with me in Spanish, I had to admit that I hadn’t studied Spanish in a few years and couldn’t really remember anything.

I sat down at my desk, with Gush on one side and a rather cute girl on my left. Our first task was to work out what ‘ZA’ meant when printed on a bottle of pancake mix. Every time I went to look at the bottle, the girl would go for it too. After a while of nobody guessing what it meant, I tried looking it up on my phone. The girl saw this and smiled. “Do you already know the answer?” I asked. She said she did and told me and the class, but I forget what the answer was now, which is really annoying and will bug me all day. The teacher congratulated her; “Well done Owls.” It turned out the girl’s name was Owls, which I thought was a really nice, if unusual, name.

After Spanish, we went back to the hotel room (I don’t know either) and I lost my camera on the way up the stairs. I eventually found it on the way back down. We waited in the reception area for the bus to come and pick us up. While we were waiting, I was going through my bag and found some business cards I’d had printed for The Gallifrey Times. When I looked at them, though, there were a lot of mistakes on them. Next to ‘Facebook’ I’d written ‘Facebook Username’ and I’d also printed the editor’s bank details on all the cards! This bit is somewhat true, because in real life I printed the website address next to the Instagram icon on the first few cards.

The bus came, but we got 3 taxis into town instead. We stopped off at a few places and our last destination was a place called The Cave. However, the taxi driver told us about a place called AG, where you could have arguments and people would vote for the winner. They had a special offer on for this one day where they were allowing props. I loved the sound of this and begged the teacher to take us there instead, but he insisted that if we went there then we would not have time to go to The Cave today, so he sent the driver away with the kids. I was left with the teacher, Goodwin and Simon. “Why is it always us 3 who get left behind waiting for the next taxi?” I pointed out, “I mean Goodwin I can understand, but why Simon?”

I didn’t get an answer, because at that point I woke up.

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