The therapist and his pig

Me, mom and Lee went to see therapist who lived in a caravan on a field. I’d been told the place took hours to get to but we found it easily. There were lots of other caravans around, like it was a retreat. There was a large black pig guarding the main caravan. We went in and found the man inside. He said the pig likes my mints, so I gave him one and he snuggled up by me.

We had a chat and then the man gave us a visor that he’d invented which allowed you to see someone’s aura. We switched them on and a red light glowed. The man walked around in front of us and it split him in two, like when you watch a 3D film without the glasses. In the middle I could make out his face very clearly.

We each tried it but none of us could see anything. Lee wasn’t walking properly though, he was just posing, so we didn’t get a proper movement. The man was annoyed, but realised we had to turn them off and on between each try, which meant they wouldn’t work as they needed time to charge.

The others went off and I sat with the man. At this point he resembled the author Daniel Handler and I’d read some of his books and was quite pleased to meet him.
I asked him if he was afraid of dying. He hesitated and then said, sadly, that he was.

Lee came in and did a bunch of silly jokes. He held out two sponges, one in each hand, and said “Do you want these?” “No.” “Good, because I haven’t got a hand free to give you them.”

That made the man laugh and he suddenly cheered up. He got up and gave lee a hug.

Later I was in school with people from college. We went to an IT class and I sat next to a girl called Holly, who I went to college with in real life. The teacher played a presentation on a ‘purple light’ projector which allowed people to plug in any device and have it projected onto the screen. The presentation was okay but everyone found it boring. I can’t remember what it was about. Afterwards, Holly snuck over and took an adapter cable off the projector. I asked her if it was hers and she said “It’s ours.”

Someone got up to leave and the teacher said goodbye to them. One by one, people realised they could just get up and leave.
“Is the lesson over?” I asked.
“Apparently so,” said the teacher. I thanked the teacher, said I enjoyed the lesson – more because I felt sorry for her – and then left.

Everyone headed out to lunch, but I realised I’d forgotten my wallet and keys. I went back to the hotel room and fortunately the cleaners were in the room. I got my stuff, said hello to them and left.

Later when I came back, they’d rearranged all the furniture, so I started moving it back and setting up the beds. Someone was playing Long Time by Blondie loudly so I had a little dance. Matt from work came over and asked if I’d sent him some files I’d promised to send him. I said I hadn’t but I’d do it later

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