The Trump Dream

Had an odd dream last night starring Donald Trump. Instead of being a presidential candidate, he was some kind of mob boss. I had been helping him with various ‘tasks’, but now he was coming up with a plan to rename the city and since Ben was a rubbish name for a city, he planned to get rid of me. He later found an Italian guy to name the city after, but he was still a bit uncertain as the Italian guy’s middle name was Charles. I tried to deter him from doing away with me by suggesting “Actually, my real name is Michigan.” This made him laugh and he decided to let me stay for a bit. I realised if I kept doing things to make him laugh and please him, I could avoid being disposed of.

Shortly after, Trump had a PR meeting with a bunch of PR guys. I could see he was bored by them, so I decided to get rid of them. The one I opened a door on and squashed him against the wall. I stole another man’s hat and threw it away so he had to go find it. This then led to a fight.

After the fight, we went into a field where Trump planned to have me shot. However, I found a football and managed to convince them to play a quick game of football first, which we did. Whilst we were playing, everyone was singing Working Class Hero by John Lennon.

I said to Trump “This is better than a PR meeting isn’t it?”
He agreed it was and let me go home.

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