The Ukulele Umbrella

Had a dream last night in which I went to see an old singer. He was famous in the dream, but not a real person. Kind of a Tony Bennett type guy. After the show he came back to my house and cooked me dinner. After dinner we rang up his hotel and I sang New York New York down the phone in a pretty good Frank Sinatra impression.

While he was on the phone discussing his arrangements, I got a message from Laura on Skype about interrupting each other at work on Skype.

Then I went to get the bus to town. For some reason I decided to take my ukulele with me to play on the way. When I got to the bus stop, I realised that I’d have to carry it around town, so I went to take it back home. On the way it started raining, so I used the ukulele as an umbrella – an umbrella type covering came out of the end – and a guy stopped me to ask what the instrument was. I put the umbrella part down and told him it was a ukulele. A woman standing nearby thought it was a will (as in ‘last will and testament’) so I said “Yeah, my mother’s at home writing her final wishes on a ukulele.”

There was now a few people gathered around and they asked to hear it. I started to play it but it was badly out of tune. I had my tuner with me, but it took ages to get it right. Once it was tuned, I played Dance Tonight by Paul McCartney. Afterwards they clapped and asked for more, so I played Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary.

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