I only remember two bits from it.

The first, Mike and I were in Thorntons buying chocolate, and the person in front was buying a batch of cookies. And they were complaining because it was taking so long to make them (despite the fact there were loads of them on the shelf behind). So eventually they got their cookies, we paid for our chocolate and left. But of course then I fancied cookies. But I wasn’t sure if they were going to be hard or soft. So I asked if I could try one of Mike’s cookies, and he said “Yeah sure” and held out a tube of tiny tiny round tiny mints. I still wanted to try the cookies, so we went round to all the shops asking “Are your cookies hard?” and the woman in Greggs replied “Yes. They beat up the gingerbread men.”
So eventually we went back to Thorntons and bought some cookies and they were okay.

The second bit, we were in a pub talking to Gabrielle (the girl from college) and she told us she had a French friend with her whom she wanted to learn English. And when we went over to see him, she had hired Goodwin to teach him English. But Goodwin was just playing him my songs on a tape recorder and then saying “What do you call an unsuccessful French businessman in sandals?… … Philip Flop.”

And that’s all I remember. And all I care to remember too.

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