Three Girls and a Guitar

The dream started off with me being woken up. For some reason I had set my alarm on an old phone from about 10 years ago – despite my iPhone still working – and the phone didn’t work, so the alarm didn’t go off. Mother came into my room and told me the taxi was waiting outside and it was 8:30am. I quickly got up and got dressed, but then I realised I was in a dream, so I went back to sleep.

I then went to some kind of sports match with Goodwin. It was set in on a rugby pitch, but before the game started, the ball, which was about the size of a cricket ball, was thrown into the crowd – as was the tradition in this game – and the person who caught it came down to start the match. The person who caught it was a guy called Liam who I know from school. I wasn’t that interested so I went off to go to the toilet before the match started.

I was annoyed to find that the men’s toilets were on the other side of the stadium. I walked along and found some disabled toilets along the way, so I decided to just go in there instead. The only trouble was, the door lock didn’t work properly. It was a really flimsy lock, so I just did it the best I could and sat down to poo. But then three girls walked past and saw me – the door was not very high – so they opened the badly-locked door and started giggling at me on the toilet. One of the girls started singing Sherry, which I think was intended to mock me, but I was more impressed that this cute girl knew a Four Seasons song. They came inside the toilets and started walking over to me.

I’m not entirely sure what happened then, because the next thing I remember I was at home. It wasn’t my home, I was staying with a friend called James – again someone I knew in school, but who was dressed as a hippy. The three girls were there too and James was trying to write a song on the guitar, but every time he started playing, he ended up singing a children’s song. He did a very ‘generic pop’ rendition of The Wheels On The Bus. I got a bit bored with the three girls and a guitar playing hippy, so I decided to leave. I went for a shower, but the showers were located on top of a building and were all open plan. While I was up there, I noticed James walking along the road, still playing his guitar and singing another children’s song.

After my shower, I went to get some dinner. I bought some chips with doner meat. While I was walking back to the house, a girl stole my food. I decided to let her have it ‘because she was such a good thief’ but took a bit of the meat for myself. I then met back up with Goodwin and we sat and waited for nothing in particular. Whilst we were waiting, a Spanish head teacher came by and started speaking Spanish. After a while, Goodwin and the teacher left and the three girls from earlier came and sat by me. It wasn’t too bad, but then some dodgy looking guys came over, so I got up and left.

Then I woke up.

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