Ticket the dog

In last night’s dream, we had two dogs. The new dog, Ticket, was also a black greyhound, but slightly bigger than Zeta.

They both went out the back for a wee and I noticed a cat on the roof opposite. When I turned back to look for my dogs, I couldn’t see them. Then I saw a dog wandering round on the roof of next door’s extension. I thought it was one of my dogs – it was also a black greyhound – but it wasn’t, as both of mine were in the garden. This dog must have jumped up through a washing line, as he had a bunch of clothes draped over him.

I called in to mother to see but when she came out the dog had gone.

Our dogs came back in and Ticket crouched down on the fireplace. I thought he was going to do a wee, but when I looked it was just a little patch of fluorescent yellow. I wiped it up, but as I did it turned to red, like blood.

Also, at some point in the dream I put my usual hair stuff in my hair and it accidentally dyed it bright yellow. It didn’t look too bad actually.

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