Had a rather cool dream where Mike and I – and a bunch of others – were trapped in a school trying to fend off some bad guys. Mike had hidden in a room controlling a remote control robot which was in the corridor. And when the bad guy grabbed it and started talking to it Mike fired tiny little spikes from it that went into the guy’s eyes and legs.

A lot of it was them looking for us and getting angry. There was a really funny bit where I realised the one guy was looking for Mike and wasn’t bothered about me. So I tried to stall him by saying “Have you looked in here?” And opening doors, then I said “Y’know, if you’re trying to find someone you’re not doing a very good job of looking. You need to be more thorough in your search.” and he gave in and started looking in random places like behind a radiator.

At one point they’d gotten to the second floor of my house and went to go in my room and I said “That’s my room. Nobody is allowed in there.” and they thought I was trying to hide Mike so they went to go in, so I said “Don’t be stupid, he’s not in there. He’s probably in Lee’s room.”

And then the last bit of my dream was me explaining to the guy how big space was. That blew his mind.

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