In last night’s dream 8 met up with Goodwin and We went into a pub. We ordered some food and since it was his birthday, I said I would pay. Rather than give the money though, I had a gift voucher for the pub. Goodwin was worried that this meant he could only have certain foods, but the barman explained he could have anything, so he was happy.

As he was deciding, a rather threatening guy and his friend approached from behind. The threatening guy offered to pay – as some sort of threat – but I insisted we had the voucher.

The guy kept hassling us further. At one point he said “Let’s talk about words that end in vowels. They’re funny aren’t they. I know one: volati. It’s a new drug that’s going round.”

He tried to get us to take some and sell it for him, but we nervously refused. The bartender – who was now standing a bit further away, polishing a packet of peanuts – overheard the conversation and came over. He said he would sell the drugs for the guy, but I knew this was just a trick – mainly because he turned and winked to the camera.

The barman asked the druggie to tell him more and then shot him. The guy fell back in his chair, dropping his drugs and lying on the ground staring at me. I was scared. His friend ran off, but I ran the other way out of the building and stopped him.

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