Waiting for Karen

Mom and I had gone to somewhere beginning with F – I couldn’t remember if it was Fudgely or Fedgely – to meet my mom’s cousin, Karen, who was going to pick us up and take us back to her house.

We’d gotten the train there, but we didn’t know where to wait for her. We wandered around the city centre, mom listing a few things she planned to get from the shops by Karen’s house. I got my phone out to look at a map.

“Did she give you an road name?” I asked.

“There’s so many roads here, I don’t like how it’s all laid out,” mom replied.

Twice she avoided the question so I snapped and said “Did she give you a road name? Yes or no?”

“Yes,” mom admitted, adding “But I can’t remember what it was.”

I figured since she knew we were getting a train in, it would be a road near the station. Main Street was the main road that ran parallel, but it split off so there were two main streets either side of the station.

We went up to the roof of the station to look out. I didn’t like being up high though, worried we might fall, and thought we wouldn’t be able to see her properly from up there, so I suggested we go back down and wait. I’d plugged my phone in to charge up there, but the other end of the lead that was plugged in was right by the edge of the roof, so I just yanked it so I didn’t have to go near the edge. I was also worried mom might fall, as she was walking right by the edge. We went back down a ladder and went out the front of the building to wait for her. I figured we’d see her or she’d call us to ask where we were.

In the next dream, I was in a hotel room with a bunch of superheroes – including Falcon, Wolverine and Professor X. We were working out a letters puzzle and one of them, a young girl was acting suspicious, I realised that the answer was stairwell and she was a spy. She’d set us up to kill us for her villain boss.

“I wanted to get a room on the first floor,” she explained. “But there were none free, so I had to go with this one.”

She made a break for it but I stopped her at the door, trapping her hand in the door. I asked the others if I should stop her or let her go. They said to let her go, so I did.

I got my jacket and ran downstairs and out into the gardens. I could see the heroes in the room, as the one wall was completely glass windows. I shouted at them to hurry up, but they were going slow.

Eventually they all got out okay and the building didn’t blow up. We walked down To go out but were stopped by a few villains. One was a young blonde kid who tried to stab me, but I convinced him not to. He had two egg whisks, so I swiped them and distracted him by playing with them as a microphone and then a Dalek gun.

There was another part of the dream where I was with mom and Lee in a market. There was an Italian store and Lee ordered some tablets from them in Italian. I was surprised he could speak fluent Italian. I then saw them putting a cat in a sandwich toaster, which I hated, so I ran off. I sat in a bar room where some guys were watching a football match. I text mom to say I’d seen something I didn’t like at the stall and was waiting here.

While I was waiting, I got a call to say that I’d gotten an interview for an Apprenticeship I’d applied for. I was so happy. I told mom and Nan (who was now there).

In the next dream, I was working on a computer and my friend Laura came over to see me. I showed her something I was working on in GarageBand. She saw something and asked if that was what I’d been working on before, but I explained they were sample loops. I quickly finished because I had to go. As we were leaving, Laura came up with a little song, singing something like “there’s life all around, I can feel it in the air.”

Later I was at a party. Walking through the hall, I saw someone put down a bowl of chocolates with a sign saying “last orders” so I took one and ate it. I then saw a bunch of priests and realised it was a funeral wake.

I went into another room and found my nephew and niece, Max and Halle, so I played with them for a bit. Laura came and joined us and grandad left the room saying he was going to “socialise”, but I realised he was just fed up of the noise the kids were making.

Max drew me a picture, so I suggested he draw one for Laura. He did and it was a heart saying “I love you”. She drew him a picture back of a monster with a big mouth saying “I love you”. She also did a drawing for Halle.

Laura had to go, but she left something on a table while she went to the toilet first. I decided to stand guard and make sure nobody touched it.

There was also a bit where I’d left somewhere and gone to my brother’s house, and Laura came a bit later because she hadn’t said a proper goodbye and wanted to say goodbye.

Later there were two super villains – one fire themed, one water/ice. We managed to convince them to meet. As they battled, we all stood on a bridge and shouted down heckles. At one point, Grandad, who was acting as the referee, complained nobody was mentioning him. So we started shouting “We love you Grandad!” and chanting his name.

I never saw who won the fight.