Walsall council tenancy

I was in my room with comedian Lou Sanders. She was offering to teach me about different types of orgasms, but the light was off and I was too busy trying to find a pair of pants.

Then the doorbell went and I left her in my room to go and open it. As I got to the bottom of the stairs, the door opened. It was unlocked and the man the other side had just opened it. It was a man from Asda with our shopping delivery. I told him it was impolite to open the door himself, but he just shrugged and said it was normal practice. Mother came out to the hall and went through the shopping. She was annoyed because once again they’d substituted some onions for really spicy peppers.

Later in the dream, I was on taskmaster with 3 other people. We were split into 2 for this task, in which we had to listen to a piece of music on an old iPod and then Greg Davies would call us on an iPhone and ask us questions about it. We each had an iPod – mine was blue – and a phone. Naturally, the first thing we tried to do was call other numbers, but it was blocked, so we couldn’t call anyone.

The guy I was with got his call and he was very excited. He answered and tried to come up with random answers, given that he’d spent the whole time trying to hack the phone instead of listening to the music.

I tried calling directory enquiries and surprisingly I managed to get through. As I wasn’t expecting it, I didn’t have a clue what to say. I put on an old Irish voice and asked if they had the number for the “Walsall council tenancy”. The woman on the other end said she didn’t and then her colleague, who recognised it was a prank call, said “We know this is a call from…” and proceeded to read out the number of the phone. I wrote it down and was pleased at the achievement of discovering the phone’s number.

I think that might have been a secret part of the task.

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