When evil turns

Had a dream last night that started out with a big superhero battle, with heroes teaming up to take out a big army of villains. The only bit I remember was when Ant-Man was small and fighting a tiny hero. He was abseiling down our kitchen light pull after the villain – a guy dressed in grey. The villain was hurtling toward the floor, but Ant-Man grabbed him and saved him.

It turned out that the villains weren’t actually the villains, they were just misguided. Ant-Man realised this and went off with the guy in grey to alert the other heroes.

In the next part of the dream was A Series Of Unfortunate Events themed. Count Olaf and his troupe had captured me instead of the Baudelaires.

We were in a big log cabin that was somehow slowly going up the Mortmain Mountains on a ‘slippery slope’.

“Someone should write a book about this called The Slippery Slope,” said the henchperson of indeterminate gender.

I’d been caught and there was no way out, so I knew I had to try and talk my way out.

I saw Esmé sitting on a stool with a cigarette in a cigarette holder – though she wasn’t actually smoking it because it wasn’t lit. She was wearing a white outfit with oversized white flare trousers and pointy sunglasses (similar to what the White Faced Women wear).

She laughed maniacally as I approached, but I remained calm. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something like, “I remember before all this when you were a good person. I know that person is still there and you can still save her, it’s not too late.”

After a bit more talking, she eventually relented and agreed to turn good. I sat next to her and worked out what to do next. Esmé said I’d need to turn Olaf as well, so I headed over to him.

Again, I can’t remember what I said, but I managed to convince Olaf to turn good too. I sat next to him in a little booth seat and chatted with him for a bit. We got on really well, making jokes and laughing together.

We eventually got to the top of the mountain and the cabin stopped. The door opener and Madame Lulu came in. The henchpeople all lined up and she walked down the row inspecting them.

Olaf saw Madame Lulu and got nervous as he suddenly remembered all the bad things he’d done to her.

“I killed her once,” he said. “I can’t let her see me.”

I grabbed a small, blue cushion and told him to hide behind it. He held it up but it barely covered his face, so Madame Lulu recognises him instantly.

He slowly took the cushion away and did a little nervous laugh.

“Don’t worry Madame Lulu, he’s turned good now,” I assured her.

“Wow,” she said. “I didn’t see that coming.”

Then I woke up.

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