Zooey built a bridge, Zooey tore it down

In this dream, I was at an open day on a field with Mike. We were watching a few bands performing live. The last band was a four-piece that sung an R.E.M. song called Kahoutek. Now this is weird, because I love R.E.M. but this song isn’t particularly one of my favourites – I haven’t heard it in months and I can’t even remember what album it’s off (just checked and it’s Fables of the Reconstruction) but my brain seemed to remember it and even the high pitch parts, which we’ll come to shortly.

The drummer of the band had a live lizard on his shoulder. I’m not sure why. The singer had a green shirt on and started the song off with his own improvised high-pitch humming. It sounded quite good, but when they went into the song and he got to the high-pitched bits he couldn’t quite sing them and went off key. Mike and I were laughing and doing impressions of him singing badly. After a while, the radio DJ who was hosting the music for the event stopped them from playing and sent them off.

If you haven’t heard it before, this is the song they were singing:

The next part of the dream was Simpsons themed. I mentioned the other day that I had a Simpsons dream but they weren’t in 2D and this was the same… I think. I can’t really remember how it was. Anyway, Homer went to an office in this big warehouse to pay some bills and there was a guy sending notes by plastic containers through these big clear tubes. Homer shouted at him to wait, wrote a quick note and threw it up to him. The guy opened the note and it said, ‘Haha, you feel things!’

Homer left the room laughing and saw a glass tube full of business papers. He tried to get one, but ended up stuck in the tube.

I walked by (not sure if it was me or Bart, it was kind of a mix) and saw a big glass case with blue notes in it. I pulled one out and it had my name and contact details on. I pulled out another and it had Zooey Deschanel’s details on. I was very excited.

Just then, Nelson and Milhouse (From the Simpsons) walked by. I showed them the notes and we decided to go meet Zooey. When we got there, she was happy to see us. Nelson went first and asked said something – I can’t remember what. She turned to me and I laughed nervously. She said ‘Go on, you can say anything.’
I couldn’t think what to ask her, so I asked if she’d sing a song with me on the ukulele. ‘Sure,’ she said, but then her phone rang.

She answered it and told the guy on the other end she was with some kids. She said, ‘The one kid smells but he’s got this little raccoon vest on, you should see it, it’s so cute.’
She meant it made him look like a racoon. Nelson looked at his vest a little insulted.

The final part of the dream took place in a hotel and continued the Zooey Descahnel connection. Each floor had a person from New Girl showing people around. Each floor was also decorated in a specific colour scheme. First floor was red, second floor was yellow and third floor was green. An old lady and a young girl arrived on the second floor and Coach greeted them. As soon as the girl spoke, Coach freaked out and ran off around the floor going up and down the stairs that led to corridors of rooms. Eventually he came full circle and met the old woman and girl again. They hadn’t moved, but he was breathless. He said, ‘I hope you saw all that cos I ain’t going again.’

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