I am...

I have interesting dreams and I can often remember them in great detail.


Since I have such crazy dreams and can often remember them, I decided to start documenting them and tagging them to see the most common things I dream about.

There are lots of dreams in my youth that I never made note of – including the earliest dream I remember in which I attended a seminar held by the Pokémon Squirtle. He came on stage and said "Hello, I'm Squirtle" and sprayed everyone with water.

I also occasionally have a recurring dream that is just me eating croutons for what feels like an hour and I also had a dream that made me terrified of Timothy Spall.

There are a few things that are consistently featured in my dreams, such as my ability to glide across the floor - either on my heels or floating slightly. So prevalent was this when I was young that I was convinced I'd done it in real life at some point.

It does sometimes become very difficult to distinguish dreams from real life. I didn't get my HND certificate because I thought I already had, but I realised a few days later that I'd actually dreamed it.

So, here are all the dreams that I've remembered...

Apple Collective


In town with Mike and mom. saw nan and grandad looking shifty. They were there to meet their friend Carl off a plane. Nan said the plane had landed 4 hours ago. We tried calling him but got no response. They went home to wait for him. At a town meeting discussing an organisation called…

The road to Costa Del Sol


I was on holiday with mom and Mike. Can’t remember where, but it wasn’t too far from home. We’d gotten the 85 bus to somewhere and then we were trying to figure out how to get back. Mom thought we needed to get on the same bus where we got off and it would go…

A piece of fish


My boss Dave was giving a talk at an event for college kids. He was organising food for an event where people were coming to watch a big football match. He said the plan was to do fish and chips, because it was “a piece of fish” to do (that was meant to be a…

The train and the bags


On train with mom. We got off and got into a taxi. I got in the wrong taxi. Didn’t realise for ages until I noticed the Asian man sat next to me instead of mom. I called mom to tell her. I got out and went to the nearest train station. I got on a…

The Circus Showdown


In a supermarket, shopping, and somehow got involved in a battle with a guy. We hid either end of a long display unit. We’d try to to see when the other came out, and occasionally threw things at each other. After a while, I was getting bored, so I slipped away to do some shopping.…

Dumbledore’s fluff


In the great hall. Having a meeting with Dumbledore. A kid called Jake stuck some white fluff to Dumbledore’s hand without him noticing. Another kid tried to get it off but caught Dumbledore’s attention. He was mad and assumed it was me. I pleaded with him and told him I knew who’d done it. I…

The Toothbrush War


War is declared. Mom, Lee and I had to go up. Lee said to take toothbrushes, as people have been making little moustaches for the dead. As we left, I heard the neighbours playing old war songs, throwing balls around and shouting boom.

The underground dungeon


I was a Harry Potter character with other Potter characters. We found an underground dungeon under some trap doors outside, which led to two that were pretty empty and eerily quiet. I found some old art projects with Helena and Felicia written on them.

Clubs and dogs


Goodwin and I were out shopping. I had a list of things to buy, but he only had a short amount of time. He suggested we go to Poundland to get the board game, but I wanted to get that from a toy shop. We went somewhere to get some snacks and we each picked…

The desk


It was my birthday. Mom and I both opened our presents on the same day. The only thing I remember I got was Lego, but I got lots of other things too. Mom and I had planned to go into town the next day and buy ourselves a CD each to celebrate. I got the…

Death by phone


In this dream, a man with short dark hair and a woman in our house, hiding trying to kill us. We stopped the woman and knocked her unconscious. Lee and I found the man. Lee him with something and I whacked his head with my phone, causing him to bleed. He looked to have died.…

Elton in the leaves


Had a dream in which Elton John was doing a music video with Ed Sheeran. Justin Beiber also made an appearance. The music video was set in a big hall and had Ed playing piano while Elton did stuff. The song was quite staccato, a bit like Benny And The Jets, but a different song…

The neighbour’s window


I was in my back garden and the neighbour came around. He told me and my brother, Lee, that he’d locked himself out and asked if we could help him climb in through the window. I said yes, because it sounded like a fairly easy task, but Lee pointed out he meant a window on…


Putting the shopping away at home. Mom’s friend had told her how bad cereals were. I still wanted white chocolate coco pops. I had some cereals and the milk was off so I had to wash the bottle out. Mom quizzed Lee on his diet. When asked about salad at home he said he had…

Benca on a London boat


I’m London with Mike and school friends. On a boat, restaurant several floors below sea level. I sat with Connor and a girl. My name card had BENC/A on it, so I pointed it out and said my name was Benca. Mike had to go back up to do his blood sugar diabetes test. I…

Rockstar Crisps


In cafe shop. I queued up but didn’t know what I wanted. Mike and Dennis competing for my attention. Mike was hugging and licking people. I wanted an Easter chocolate . Went to look for one. Accidentally broke a rabbit ornament so I took it with me to pay for it. At home I was…

Mats and ice cream


I arrived at karate and found out we’d been moved from one hall to another. We had to move the mats that had been put down to the other room, and make sure they were in an alternating green and black pattern. I started moving some and when more people arrived I came up with…

Living with kids


The dream started with a bit of a prequel flashback sequence. I was at my friend’s house and she’d had another baby. It was one by now, but the doctors had said that he had very slow development and couldn’t do very much, which was quite sad. But the other kids were still playing with…

Bush thugs


I was walking down the street when I saw some thugs heading towards me. I tried to ignore them and focussed on reading a leaflet I was holding that was given to me by one of the guys from the improv comedy class I go to in real life, called Devonte. The thugs kept following…

The blue ceiling


In my dream I woke up at 3am. I went out for a walk and bumped into Dennis from school. We went to a hotel restaurant and sat down. There were a few other people from school there. Dennis asked if I wanted anything and I said no at first, but then fancied some apple…

The avocado gift


Had a dream that I was at school doing an English exam. All of the questions were mini essays we had to write. I had a look at the question paper and asked how much I had to write. A girl said “However many lines there are, you’ve got to write that much.” Which made…